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ProSolutions is a free, easy and efficient solution to find new suppliers.

With ProSolutions:

  • you create your Request For Quotations (RFQ) Online
  • we identify all qualified suppliers and inform them of your RFQ
  • you have direct contact with suppliers interested in your RFQ

Request Quotes Now - FOR FREE !

What is ProSolutions ?

ProSolutions is designed for companies who want to benefit from Subcontract Solutions unique sourcing potentialities before considering more sophisticated e-business solutions.

Never before has sourcing been made so easy and efficient as with ProSolutions:

  • Step 3  Subcontract Solutions informs each of these suppliers of buyer
      requirements via an email (or fax) alert.
    > email alert.
  • Step 5 Registered suppliers that are interested have access to all RFQ details and
      buyer coordinates.
  • Step 6  Buyers and suppliers communicate directly with each other.

Both buyer and suppliers have no further obligation towards Subcontract Solutions, they can communicate direct and deal independently of Subcontract Solutions. But we are confident that buyers will keep using Subcontract Solutions to meet with new suppliers, benefit from our order follow up and expert services and further optimise their procurement of castings and forgings.

Benefits of using ProSolutions

Reduce costs of parts and lower purchasing costs:
  • Cut costs through faster and smarter sourcing decisions
  • Increase competitive visibility of your demand within supplier community
  • Negotiate better contracts
  • Optimised your supplier base

Subcontract Solutions; use smart tools, get smart results.


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