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Sourcing Solutions is our strategic sourcing offer built on a qualified database of thousands of foundries and forges worldwide as well as on industry experts know how.

Manufacturers looking for competitive edge are increasingly adopting strategic sourcing because it supports two key objectives, getting shorter delivery and lowering total cost.

Strategic sourcing provides the following benefits:
  • reduces direct procurement cost by 5 - 20%
  • shortens the procurement cycle by 20 - 30%
  • reduces admistrative cost by 2 - 5%
  • enables buying organisation to optimise their supplier base
Mission Subcontract Solutions for your strategic sourcing:
The strategic sourcing process is comprised of 6 activities as illustrated below.
  • Identify suppliers
    Subcontract Solutions can identify rapidly and accurately as many potential suppliers as possible. The more suppliers a buyer has access to the more choice he has and in the end the better his chances of making the best choice.
  • Evaluate suppliers
    Subcontract Solutions can issue request for quotations to all suppliers identified and collect their offers for evaluation purpose. Based on your specific requirements such as price, quality and delivery Subcontract Solutions will issue a preliminary suppliers list for your review and pre-selection.
  • Qualify suppliers
    Subcontract Solutions can organize meetings with the pre-selected suppliers, make on site visits and audits as well as make reference checks. Based on data gathered and experts assessments, Subcontract Solutions will issue the final supplier short list among which the selection process shall take place.
  • Select suppliers
    Buyers select suppliers based on the strategic value they offer. The value can be price competitiveness, short delivery or strict conformance to quality.
  • Transact with suppliers
    Transaction processing cycle times can be dramatically reduced through the use of online tools. (exchange of electronic documents, online auctions ...)
  • Rate suppliers
    Suppliers are evaluated based on their performance and the terms of their contracts.

Subcontract Solutions is able to accompany your company throughout the strategic sourcing process especially on the Identify / Evaluate / Qualify / Select phases.

The strategic sourcing process

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