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e-ProSolutions is an advanced tool using internet technologies to bring greater efficiency in the management of suppliers and RFQ distribution.

With e-ProSolutions:

  • create a private market place for RFQ management
  • put on line complex and multiple items RFQs
  • use advanced sourcing criterias
  • distribute selectively your RFQ
  • manage existing suppliers and source new suppliers
What is e-ProSolutions ?

e-ProSolutions is our global procurement solution using Internet technologies to bring greater efficiency across the procurement chain of castings and forgings. e-ProSolutions enables more intelligent sourcing, acceleration of RFQ processes and better project management.

Benefits of using e-ProSolutions

Reduce costs of parts and lower purchasing costs
  • cut costs through better and faster sourcing decisions
  • increase competitive visibility of your demand within the supplier community
  • negotiate better contracts
  • cut operational costs by simplifying and automating purchasing process
Improve the efficiency of your procurement process
  • ensure best practice and standardised process
  • save time with electronic delivery of RFQs
  • save valuable time for your buyers to concentrate on strategic activities
  • aggregate demand and negotiate better contracts

Subcontract Solutions: use smart tools, get smart results.

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