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Privacy policy

At Subcontract Solutions we recognise the importance of honest and responsible use of your personal information.

.Subcontract Solutions does not give, sell or rent information about you to any third party. Subcontract Solutions primary purpose for collecting the information that you provide to us is to facilitate transactions between buyers and foundries/forges and their suppliers. Secondly, we use the information that you provide to improve our Site and to provide you with an experience on our Site that may be tailored to your preferences and buying habits. We may occassionally use the information that you provide on our Site to inform you of promotions or events that we believe are relevant to your business.

You may contact us at any time to check the accuracy of any information that we hold about you, or to request that we update, correct or delete the information by contacting Subcontract Solutions, BP 4051, 1 rue Courtalon, FR-10014 Troyes Cedex.



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